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Photo and Camera Accessories

Photo and camera accessories for your digital camera range from the technical to the practical things, such as: remote controls, screen and viewfinder products, system enhancements, light meters, mount adapters and more.

In this text at Faircado we will review the most essential and practical photo and camera accessories which you can buy refurbished or second-hand on our website with best quality and price.

Media & Storage

Digital life always has the risk of losing, especially in the case of photos and videos. Never worry about losing your best time captures with these media and storage solutions from Faircado. Whether you’re looking for photo memory cards or want quality ways to reserve your photo prints, look at our selection. To name: memory cards, photo albums, photography portfolios, smartphone printers and other high-quality options for archiving and showcasing your work. High-capacity memory cards by SanDisk, Samsung, Sony and Transcend are available. Some of these memory cards come with free cloud storage, so you don’t have to waste device space storing your photos.

But if you are in the group of visuals people, who prefer physical storage and display, see our amazing selection of photo albums.

When choosing a memory card  for your digital camera, you’ll want to consider a few factors briefly:

  • Card Format: The most common card format is an SD (Secure Digital) card, but you may also see CFast and XQD cards too. We recommend you to check your camera’s user manual before selecting one, to find out what format your camera requires.
  • Card Speed: Digital cameras with high frame rates, large sensors or those provide videos; need a memory card which is capable of handling larger amounts of data at high speeds. So, using a slow memory, results in the camera’s buffer filling up too quickly and as a result very slow working procedure. It is very important to have a memory card in the same level as your camera's speed. Camera’s user manual will tell you the minimum requirement.
  • Card capacity: As camera sensors get bigger; pixel counts rise, so you need larger memory cards. Big memory cards are tempting to buy but think if you lost or damaged that card before you got all the photos off! We suggest you spread the risk of losing photos across multiple cards. So instead of buying one 64GB memory card, buy two 32GB cards. It’ll cost you a bit more, but the peace of mind is worth it.

Remote Controls

In the case you want to take a group shot with you in it, or get out of sight to take a photo of a piece of nature, you need a remote control. It allows you to do these things and more, by triggering your camera's shutter. Remote controls can make any photo session much more convenient!

A wide selection of remote controls for DSLR cameras and photography equipment is available at Faircado; such as: self-timer remotes, slim wireless remotes, wired remotes with interchangeable cables, remote shutter releases and battery-powered self-timers. Depending on the camera model, some allow official remote buttons to trigger the shutter by using Infra-Red or Bluetooth; others require a physical cable-release system.


A tripod is one of the essential accessories for any kind of photography where you need to ensure the camera stays completely still as the photo is taken. Like photography in low light, long exposures, landscape photography, self-portraits and macro photography. In some cases, they come to act as a third hand by freeing up your two hands for making adjustments to your product or portrait subject.

Tripods are available in many different sizes; small or medium tripods are usually strong enough to support small and lightweight DSLRs. And larger tripods are better suited to support larger DLSRs and longer lenses. Be careful to choose a tripod model that is large enough to support your camera and lens.

Monitors & Viewfinder

Viewfinder improves the work of your digital camera, therefore using specialized eyecups to narrow your field of vision helps to focus on your subject. Some of them even magnify your view, that helps frame the picture. In addition, eyecups also save your eyes from fatigue, especially during an all-day shoot.

What are second-hand photo and camera accessories?

Knowing which accessory you require is down to the type of photography you follow, together with which brand you use and the location you shoot. If you do photography in rivers, waterfalls or in bad weather, a rain cover is essential. If you shoot outdoors or during inclement weather, a cleaning kit will be useful.

If you need to have more storage space for your files, we provide a comprehensive selection of hardware including hard drives, power banks and memory cards.

Browse Faircado’s photo and camera accessories online, we offer an extensive range of used, second hand, open box and refurbished photo and camera accessories. This includes any type of photography equipment from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and many more brands. All items are thoroughly quality checked prior to coming to the online market; with comprehensive testing and cleaning, so you can buy with complete confidence and peace of mind. Choose from a huge range of second-hand DSLR cameras or second-hand photo and camera accessories.

Why buy second-hand photo and camera accessories?

It is quite common to see many professional, amateur and even beginner photographers buy the newest equipment models as soon as it becomes available in the market and then sell their older gear before it starts to lose value. In this case other photographers have a chance to upgrade their previous generation gear and save a lot of money. Why don't you use this opportunity when you can buy your desired camera with cheaper prices?

Faircado is honored and happy to report it provides every accessory you would need for your photography and camera equipment in its thriving refurbished and second-hand departments.

At Faircado, we believe that buying a second-hand product helps reduce the environmental impact while saving you money. We are highly engaged in creating a wide community of happy users and in saving our beloved planet. We give you all the information you need to make better daily purchase decisions.

Where to buy second-hand photo and camera accessories?

Have you ever thought about buying second hand camera gear? Used photo and camera accessories can be a great investment, whether you are seeking to save some money or to support the environment’s sustainability.

Sometimes professional photographers sell their ‘as new’ or ‘hardly used’ gear, in order to be updated with latest released models. So, you can pick up quite the bargain if you just know where to look. If you’re savvy enough, then you can get the best deals on photo and camera accessories by checking Faircado, which is a reliable place for refurbished and second-hand camera accessories.

Shop online for used photo and camera accessories, from leading brands like Canon and Nikon on Faircado. Browse through our constantly changing collection of tripods, camera bags, camera batteries, memory cards and many more.

Faircado is a trusted source of good quality second-hand photo and camera accessories, lenses or other photographic accessories.
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