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Why do you need to buy a second-hand instant camera?


  • User-friendliness: The user-friendliness of the camera is what makes them easy for anyone to use. In the case of most instant cameras, a button beside the lens needs to be turned on, and the lens adjusted to get that perfect shot.
  • Shutter Speed and Battery: Polaroids come with a shutter speed of approximately 1/60 seconds. The battery usually will come in a size of 116 x 118.3 x 68.2mm and weigh about 307g. Most cameras will be able to shoot any object within the range of 0.6m.
  • Photo Size: The Photo size on most polaroids is around the same range. A photo from Fujifilm Instax mini will measure 62 x 46mm.

However, in recent years, instant photography has seen a comeback. Second-hand Polaroid cameras are now again in demand, not just among photography purists and connoisseurs, but also by people who want all things immediate.

With the release of the Polaroid Snap, the brand's new instant cameras became even more important.

With the release of the Polaroid Snap, the brand's new instant cameras became even more important. As a result, the market for used Polaroid cameras has taken on a whole new dimension.

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Where to buy a second-hand instant camera?

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They were out of favor for a while but are now back in vogue. They provide you the ability to print photographs as soon as you take them. You may create albums or share them with others, and nothing beats there's nothing better than watching them develop before your eyes.

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What should be aware of before buying a refurbished instant camera?

First of all, refurbishing means the quality-assured overhaul and repair of products for the purpose of reuse.

Here is a list of 3 things you should check before buying a used instant camera.

  1. Appearance: The bulk of this advice – while slanted towards the Polaroid 600 Series – is universal. The Polaroid 600 Series (produced from the early 1980s to the early 2000s) has the largest selection and variety out of all the Polaroid Models and its popularity has endured over the years. The thing is that in the end, they are virtual all the same. The majority of them only differ in appearance (the older models are boxier, while newer models are more round and have that 90s feeling), and only very few have one or two added functions. The newer models tend to be more reliable, but there isn’t that much of a difference between them. Even the image quality between the older and newer vintage polaroid cameras is pretty much the same.
  2. Lens and Autofocus: Apart from looking for a model that you like design-wise, there are a few features to look out for. Polaroid made two different cameras. A model with a fixed focus and a model with autofocus. The fixed-focus model essentially puts everything from 2 feet (1.2 meters) until infinity in focus. The autofocus model has different zones for focusing – you let you focus on a subject as close as 24 inches (60cm).m.
  3. Flash: Also, if you purchase a vintage Polaroid camera (particularly one from the Spectra or 600 Series), make sure it includes a flash. There are a few types without a flash, but they should be avoided at all costs. Although the price difference isn't significant (if it exists at all), having a flash makes a significant impact. Certain versions, like the SX-70, were never equipped with a dedicated flash– but flashbacks and flash accessories. Modern flashbars can be purchased and have a longer and more reliable lifespan than their vintage counterparts.

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